Is coding the same thing as hacking?

10/11/2019 12:54:49 AM

Zoey Tindall

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No, when you code you are creating something. when you hack you are "breaking" something, abusing functionality to do something it wasn't originally supposed to do


Coding can be less haphazard.


Some told that hacking is breaking and... Well it's NOT. Main purpose of hacking is to modify the things in which way they function as you want, though u can use hacking in a good way which is called ethical hacking. The imagination of hackers that people have is more "CRACKER" than "HACKER". So please don't misunderstand this.


Coding pays the bills because of your skills. Hacking makes you pay the price for abusing your skills.


Hacking can be malicious hacking to steal information, money or cause disruption.


Hmmm. Hacking is the process of identifying faults in a system and rectifying it or using it to your advantage. There are three types of hackers-black hat hacker, white hat hacker and grey hat hacker. They are all programmers. The black one is the bad guy.


Coding involves writing in a particular programming language. Hacking involves entering into a system legally or illegally and this involves coding skills, understanding of networks, and security. To sum it up, you need some coding skills to become a hacker.


No coding is not hacking.


As for coding, it is a general term used for the writing of a code. In the programming world, even writing HTML/CSS or XML can be considered coding but is not strictly called programming as the mentioned languages are not Turing complete.


nope not really. one doesn't necessarily need to know how to code in order to hack, and vice versa. All the best xD 💛


Coding is doing something to benefit others or make a process, simpler and faster. Hacking implies breaking into something (legally or illegally). But at the end of the day, the hacker also codes too. We have white/gray hackers (essentially these were black hackers before they 'repented' and decided to use their skill for resisting or preventing bad guys from breaking in.


Hacking is done by finding the holes in code and then trying to get through the security and firewall. Coding is when you make a expression and then using it to make something. Coding can be used in hacking as well,


Coders - Can pretty much figure out it. It'll work, but it won't be pretty. Hackers - usually low level folks, skillful, with detailed understanding of some area deeply, often scarily deeply. To get more info then you can check out link: https://www.cetpainfotech.com/technology/Ethical-Hacking-Training




Sometimes you say hack something together which means to come up with a quick and dirty solution.



Sometimes it is the same as *acking


Hacking need a tools And tools is made by programer


Coding is complety different than Hacking, when are you "hacking" you are using the terminal, if you are on windows, you maybe use cmd but cmd is poor to "hacking", and the best sys to "hacking" is kali linux, when you are hacking, you are stealing data or breaking the security of anything using tools, for exemple sqlinjection. Coding is, for example a method of making something easy to recognize or distinct. You can create many things when you are coding, like everything what do you want :)


They're not the same thing. I'll just make it simple:Programming GOOD, Hacking BAD