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Hey all? Im taking algorithms this semester and have no clue on what’s happening, I’ve heard from class mates that its their second or third time repeating the course because its too hard. Can anyone recommend any books or apps or links to help me understand algorithms quickly?? Thank you

10/9/2019 8:04:04 PM


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thank you so much, i will definitly look them up!


an algorithm is just the solution to a problem. the problems range from getting the biggest element from a list, to sorting a list, to finding a path in a labyrinth, to creating an labyrinth, to ... topics which are often pared with algoritms are sorting, searching, ... algoritms you could look up if you want to do some work: -bubble sort (easy) -insertion sort (easy-medium) -quick sort (medium-hard) -merge sort (medium-hard) (if you know what datastructures are:) -depth-first search -breadth-first-search