What are the others apps similar to sololearn where I can learn and go through question and answer discussions?

I'm a beginner and want to learn new things . In Sololearn , I really like the discussion part of solo learn, where I learn different things everyday. Also suggest the similar and some other apps, channels related to programming

10/9/2019 6:11:44 PM

Vinesh Wadhwani🇮🇳

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Thank you so much everyone for answering 🙏😊🙏


Quora has got questions and answers.


Code camp and code academy


Mimo: Learn to code, it is also a good platform for learn the basics there is also the levels by which you can start from beginning. It is same as sololearn but you know every applications have their merits


Quora and Stackoverflow are good at this .


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freeit.java I have used this one, it is a good one but more basic than sololearn and the free version is very limited . I also like www.codewars.com, different approach but you can learn a lot and choose the level.


khan academy is a good place to learn too


Except Sololearn there is plenty but you gotta PAY to access its benefit roughly after 15 days of using it


i'm here


You cant find any better app rather than SoloLearn. So stop searching.


You can discuss any where if you know the Question and answare... like facebook , github, stackoverflow and many more... ASK : attitude Skill And Knowledge


From were I can learn aptitude