Is it Important to master HTML and CSS before learning JavaScript?

10/9/2019 12:13:52 PM

Zain Amin

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NOOOOO, you do not have to master them. The best way is to learn HTML and CSS to become familiar with them, and begin to learn Javascript. The power comes when you use three of them at the same time. There are so many tags properties that you would have to memorize and even might forget if you did not use them with Javascript.


Yes, because HTML and CSS is the backbone of a website or web application, learning them also make learning JavaScript easier because you will eventually need to use HTML or CSS, some JavaScript topic also have a close relationship with HTML or CSS like DOM.


if you're learning for front end web. yes, js is used to interact with the html. if you're using js for something else, its not really important.


Ok Taste & Rizky Thanks Do I need to master them!


Yes, you should, for most things, but there are some you shouldn't. Well answer back to tell me what you're doing, and ill tell you what you should do.


Yes skyler Thanks brother! I want to master javascript and learn its different algorithms to get my first job!


Hello,I am new here...I am preparing for Msc FinTech , University of Sterling.Knowledge of Python language is a preperquisite,where should I begin ...HTML,CSS,JS and finally Python or directly go into Python?The language of Python will be used in machine learning, data analysis,and app development.


Sao Paulo Odhiambo HTML CSS & JavaScript are required only if you wanna be a front end web developer. Although there are exceptions with JavaScript but still you can directly jump into Python!