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Simplified HTML

So I just started learning about coding and dove straight into HTML like SoloLearn suggested. I understand the sandwich concept but I’m having a really hard time with tags and attributes. Is there a more simplified way of identifying tags and attributes and how do I learn all of them?

10/5/2019 10:58:08 PM

Sergio M.

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Html5 places less emphasis on the attributes of the tags, and many have been removed or deprecated, in favour of CSS. This leaves the html much cleaner and separates the styling from the semantic markup. This is a good thing. The w3schools site has a very good reference guide. It will make more sense after having done the basics here on SoloLearn. See...


building a website with html is alot like placing legos onto a big lego board, maybe this analogy helps you 😁


What is the specific difficulty?


thank you martin! that was my problem, figuring out all existing tags and how to utilize them when coding, that helped a lot!