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Sololearn private code having many views.

Is it possible for someone else apart from sololearn to view my private code???

10/5/2019 5:59:27 PM

ugochukwu Joseph

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Private codes are seen by only you except if you share them with someone else. The views you're seeing are most likely yours, because your views on your codes are counted as well.


I wonder the same thing too. Because sometimes when I'm coding with my phone I notice that they are viewers to the code even before I make it public. But doesn't happen when I use a system.


happens to me too. i thought it was self views


No one else can see your private codes but your view counts


One of my private code has 10 views now, some have 6, 5, 3, 4 and 50% remaining ones has only 0 to 1 view, that's what is confusing me, and i decided to ask.


Every time I open a private code of mine, the views count increases by one. If I just leave it the views count doesn’t change.


Nobody can see your private code. If it's happen with you. Update it..