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Settlements C++ (A Worldbuilding Tool) A piece of C++ code that allows the user to create a random settlement of varying size and culture (referred to as nations in the code) as well as generate names, gender, wealth, and age for every single member of the population. This can be adjusted to add races for D&D systems if you want to use it as a worldbuilding tool, I plan on adding some way to export the contents as a .csv so you can them import the settler data into a spreadsheet. Recommend using another online IDE and not codeplayground for testing, inline console inputs make this work far better. Enjoy!

10/3/2019 1:48:11 PM

Sam Russell

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Sam Russell


Hey Sam Russell! Your code is really great but the Q&A section is for questions only and not for advertising.


@Jayden LeCorps, I noticed there are quite a few advertising threads a short while after making my post here. Unfortunately SoloLearn's Q&A forum is labelled as a discussion forum by the site's GUI, and there are many posts that don't fall under the Q&A format, but I'll keep in mind to stick to the advertising threads in the future.