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Which database is easy to learn at first? And why?

10/2/2019 10:18:09 AM


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start with any sql database.


Sqlite3 is probably the only database that works on sololearn. I am using it together with python but Java should work too.


There are many kinds of database but neither sql nor java are databases. SQL is a language used for manipulating databases. Whereas Java is a programming language which can link to databases. The simplest form of database is the flat file database. There are also key/value databases, relational databases, object oriented databases, NoSQL databases, xbase databases and free form databases. For more information about databases see... Many people think of relational databases and sql when databases are mentioned. With this type of database the most important thing is the database design. I cannot over emphasize the importance of good database design and the importance of maintaining relational integrity between tables. The easiest way to learn about database design is to use SQLite since it requires no server. Once you've learned the basics move up to something more sophisticated.