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Resetting Progress

Hello, When I want to reset progress on a course I’m learning like CSS or HTML why does it reset my xp that I’ve gained? This has happened to me before when I reset the progress on the html course and I had to undertake all the challenges again just to get to points where I was. The reason I ask this is I like to reset the courses to refresh my knowledge but I don’t want to keep losing all the points I’ve gained.

9/29/2019 1:06:20 PM

Lee Rigby

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resetting is very dangerous.... try reappearing the completing lessons but NEVER tap on the reset button


Because I like to go back over things to make sure I fully understand it.


You shouldnt lose the points you’ve gained because you want to go back over a course.


You are right.We also loose all our xp we earned from challanges


thats what i mean, surely this isn’t right.


Why refresh your knowledge when you can advance it?


Don't understand it from the same place.You can learn something new from other resources