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Solutions to wrong answers in challenges.

I do get some wrong answers in challenges. If I want the solution to correct answer how can I get? Is typing the whole question the only way or is there any other way that I can post the screenshot? Please help!!

9/29/2019 3:17:20 AM

Mohamed Arshad

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Neba Emmanuel I know that.. but actually I want the step-by-step solution. How can I get that?


After completing the challenge Just beneath it there is link "view correct answers" click there to see the answers of the once you got wrong.


sadly, they aren’t available and i wish they had them. also please accept my challenges


Graham Speaking by the logistics you can't pull that off. So you can just ask us Sololearners on the Q&A section and experienced users can help you.


Step by step explanations are unfortunately not available. But you can ask anything that was difficult for you in the Q&A section.


I wish they would add step by step answers, but for now I replicate the example in my own enviroment and experiment. A good way to learn new things, especially if it made you lose.


Me too... Even I wish that they were available in Sololearn.


Maybe then you can screen short or maybe share or copy.


Hi ! I think that you mean that you find some really wrong answers (mistakes in the Sololearn answers) and you want to report them. I find only two way for that : 1) - after your challenge, follow the link to see the "good" answers - open the really "wrong" answer - at the right top corner, you will normally find a "!" button - use it and select the option "wrong answer" to report it or/and 2) - take a screenshot about the question and "right" answer - post to all (write a question for the community) - of course, give your explaination about why wrong and what is the good result for you. in the two cases, you will not sure that if it will be change (no one give me respond after some reports) but i think more you write and speak about it more it's bad for SL to do nothing. just do it, crossfingers and waiting for some changes in the next update... PS : it's better to test the code and see the real result given by machine before say it's wrong result.