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Can I get a job only with Python basics?

Lets say I know the basics (including loops, functions, modules, classes...etc) and just basics, can I get a job only with that and start mastering in time while working?

9/28/2019 4:21:32 AM

edward πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄

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Well, if you know somehow, it would be really difficult to get a job in a big company. But still, you work as junior. {Junior is the programmer, who helps to do some easy tasks under controll of masters (good programmers, with huge experience). Note that this position is not well paid, but you can get a lot of experience πŸ˜‰} Good luck!


Probably as a teacher of computing in a primary school.


I think basics are not enough in any field of CS. If you have a good computational thinking, it's more valuable than having the basics of any language. Even for a junior job, most companies require some experience (of course good hobby projects can count!), because it's not worth for a business, if they have to teach you everything. So keep learning and practicing, and when you became confident about your knowledge, it's your time:)


I don't think that this will work, because you must be aware of the fact that if your employer has a task of, let's say to create a simple database management system with a web interface and a separate GUI until friday in two weeks then you will not have the time to gain sufficient experience. Worst case could be that your employer has to pay penalty because the task cannot be finished in time.


Too many factors to take in... 1) current unemployment rate 2) amount of companies that work with python 3) amount of experience expected 4) job market


Yes, you can, but I prefer to learn also the essential languages such as HTML, CSS and JS etc.


Kidfand this is what i want, to get more experience and learn from others. It doesn't matter if it's not well paid, since my main goal is to learn and go deeper


Yes with basic python you can be able to interface Geospatial data with web applications and web maps


But, come to think of it Peter David Carter, how is that really going to help, because according to me and the little research i've done, employers need someone who can handle different constructs using different languages...unless you want to develop a console executed program, right?


yes you can work at python company


no chance


It's very difficult, but YOU can; start with a entry level work in ; when u get stuck, Google will be There for u.. But u be paid very low, sometimes NOT paid,,,,,,,but the thing u will get is EXPERIENCE and i know it is more important than money in entry level.


Sorry broh, i wouldnt advice be a programmer, you must have a bunch of languages in your arsenal...


Firstly it depens on your country, geographical place and also which company do you chose But if you have really good ability in python who knows perhaps you wil get your ideal work in Romania What is more i hope you are blessed


Interesting answers and opinions, great community, thank you guys!


You can also create your very own job, and jobs for many other people. ^_^


Yh it's possible...Although it's not all that common it's possible


Keep learning. Think in the long run. Nothing comes easy !


Lose Man, you should study some ethical hacking through Kali Linux. Many scripts is written in Python


Yesss sure u can get one , but it can be quite difficult