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How to choose web server ?

I have a website and its have a good traffic. But the problem is that the database get over thousands hit per seconds so I would like to get suggestions from you guys. The server is capable of handling many traffics but maraidb service gets off so What should I do? I was thinking to use remote databases and a cdn server for contents. Current server + Database server + CDN Server. Anyone have better suggestion that will help me to get rid of the problem and also reduce the cost of CDN/database servers??

9/24/2019 12:55:33 AM

Sayma Wahid

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Depends on the type of website your running


News site


You could go around the datebase by saving the articles into file and parsing the content that way the cache is handling most of the traffic for comments you could still use the database that should lower the load


The site needs to insert new data to database too frequently, cache is good way of reducing load and I had already implemented it.


What data are you saving there?