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The requirements to get 100% on each part of the Skills pie chart: *Learner - Finish all courses *Challenger - Win 1000 challenges *Influencer - Have 1000 followers *Coder - Have 50 codes with at least 5 likes each *Contributor - Post 50 answers with at least 5 likes each Let me know if you guys have any ideas :) Update: Coder - Credit @Filip (also 1st to get a full pie chart) Contributor - Credit @S!d

2/3/2017 3:37:21 PM


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contributor-50 answers with atleast 5 upvotes each :/


Thank you


Coder - 50 codes with at least 5 likes each Contributor - Something abouy Q&A but idk what, maybe likes on answers, who knows


btw jafca and leon congrats on your achievements here.


Jafca gold star 5000xp. a bunch of great original code that others should look at. that pokemon thing and the movie ending dialog are cool.


@Joe Check your codes, you have two with 5+ likes. 2*2% gives your 4% in coder. So @Filip is right! :)


thank you jafca


@Joe What achievements? But thanks anyway :D


2nd to complete is @Hatsy Rei 3rd to complete is @Krishna Teja Yeluripati


Thank you !





What about XP in Quiz


I like fish


thanks very much