Why do some programmers prefer dark mode over light mode, and vise versa?

Why do some programmers prefer dark mode over light mode? Answer below (detailed please) Edit: Wow thanks for the answers never expected this to blow up.

9/21/2019 3:01:19 AM

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You'll get a wide variety of answers about this matter, mostly to prevent you from overworking the muscles in your eyes, causing them to get tired quickly, leading to straining, sensitivity, and other symptoms. Others experience some degree of light sensitivity and need a way to calm down the painful burning sensation of light. My experience is it depends on your environment. In a low-light environment, your screen is the main light source. A dark theme typically helps to avoid making your eyes tired. In brighter environments, the low contrast of dark themes make the eyes tired a lot quicker than a light one, because of its low contrast.


TheCoder | Hi fellow coders If you're a professional developer, you don't really have a choice but to sit for long hours. It might not be so bad when you're a part-timer or hobbyist, but after years of daily coding, the brightness can take a toll on your eyes. It's important to take breaks to give your eyes a chance to rest and recover a bit. It's like training at the gym: Push too hard, and you do more harm than good. 


Dark mode is easier on the eyes. Especially if you've been coding for hours... Or days lol. Light mode makes your eyes feel sleepy after awhile for some people.


What do you prefer should be brightly emphasised... The background Or the text? for me its the text. Light themes just blast bright light at you non stop whilst the text is kind of hidden by being too dark. For night mode the text stands out from the dark background so I use it for everything. (Yes even sololearn)


When you work 8-9 hours per day, it’s less tiring for your eyes to look at the dark screen than at the bright one.


There was a myth saying black dots on the screen requires less battery power than those bright ones. Probably some developers had gotten into habit of designing dark mode UI having influenced by that myth. In a hope their app requires less power and doesn't drain user battery too soon (which people complain about). Actually battery duration depends on other factors also. But I also read such myth no longer true, cause it only applies to LCD screens, it doesn't matter that much for LED or more recent screen technology. So I guess it comes back to each person's preference, users can switch modes as they please, just to get themselves comfortable doing whatever they do with the app and gadget.


Ace it goes both ways, isn't it also bad for your eyes to be looking at screens for hours, even if it's on night mode?


Dark mode seems easier on the eyes. Especially if you've been coding for hours, light mode makes your eyes feel sleepy after awhile for some people.


Dark themes look classic and give you the feeling of a hacker TIP: change the keywords to deep green, variables to off white and numbers and delimiters to red for a complete hacking simulator experience 🏋️


Maybe because autistic persons are sensitive to light!? Maybe they are a little bit like autistic persons... 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ That's only an advisement.


Safety and attractive


As with many things it's basically personal preference.


Dark theme are better for eyes protection. They reduce radiation .


This is more a question about psychology than computing.


Its depends really. I know for safety you need lesser light. But there are times I use the light even when am tired so as not to sleep away


Two Reasons: 1.It is so sweet stylish 2.When Using an ide like (brackets in my case) colored syntax causes eye strain against the white background, with night mode colored syntax is more helpful than harmful


I'm also using black background of IDE and the reasons are 1.It is safe for eys if you are gazing on monitor hours and hours. 2.when you are working in the dark the contrast is acceptable. 3. When you started programing in 90th ages lots of IDEs had blue,green or orange bacground because it did not attacked your eys.Like Turbo pascal or Turbo C++ from borland inc.:)))


By the way,very good and interesting question!!!


For me it’s just the aesthetic.


Desde que estudie programación (Turbo C, pascal, clippers...), siempre nos mostraron que hacer una buena combinación de colores (fondo y texto) ayudaría a la salud de los ojos y la comodidad para cuando iba a estar sentado por horas revisando el código. Es por esto que se prefiere temas oscuros, para estar cómodo frente a la pantalla. My teachers always said: is for comfort, because the eyes will be see text for hours. (Sorry for my english)