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What's the point of fake profiles on sololearn?

several account seams doggy here, fake pictures, all certificates awarded with no more than a day time gap why? to make it feel more alive?

2/2/2017 11:47:24 AM

Giuseppe Lucido

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I noticed this phenomenon that many people completed courses in the same date when they started. if they are developers, they should have known, sololearn is just for beginners.


? devs maybe? I havent seen any. but i dont really look..


Who knows... coders are often strange people :P


When you're not beginner at programmation, complete one of the SoloLearn course in few hours, even in a new language, isn't awesome ^^


but you don't use a photo taken from hairdresser website as profile pic, two out of two?


some use them to win challenges and badges: as in literature EPIC things are not always truly epic.