Did the wordpress.com supports JS?

I was trying to write web in wordpress using html, css, and JS. I used to write blog in basic html only in wordpress in the past and I got no problem. But now that I tried to design it using css and make new features using JS, It did not work. The resulting output is that the characters that is inside the <script> tag (which is JS and must do its job) are shown in the screen which seems like I am just writing a paragraph

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In order to use js on wordpress you need to pay the business plan. Check the wordpress support-code-javascript section on wordpress


Aww😓 I need to pay Pau Alonso Ok, I'm not gonna use JS😑😏


Nadim Al Abdou Is that free? The wordpress .org?


I have been searching about wordpress.org. You can download it for free but you'll need a domain and hosting which costs a few dollars per month. Check this link if you have any doubt about the use of js in wordpress.org: https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Javascript


Good 👌


You need to work with WordPress.org





Pau Alonso Technically you can configure a home computer as a server and host yourself...