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How to begin frontend developing

A few days ago i began with html.I have idea that i need to learn html,css,javascript with frameworks but i'm confussed between two types of frameworks!I read about bootstrap,saas too and angular,react too what's the difference in bootstrap and angular basically?

9/16/2019 7:04:36 PM

Muhammad Saleem

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Libraries and Framework s in general makes working easier Bootstrap is a CSS framework for quick and responsive styling While AngularJS and React.js are JavaScript libraries for quick and easy web development Like mine


Best place to ask is Google: resource:


Completing the html tutorial will be a good start.


Bootstrap is for developing layouts and styling, its kind of like a library for CSS while angular is a library for JavaScript which unlike CSS is a programming language and you can make your site have more features. Front end dev doesn't really require js so if u aren't into back end don't worry abt it too much, although it's a plus if u do. Good luck


Well that what I meant by don't worry abt it too much if u aren't into back end. JS can be used for animations and such but it is usually not the go to language to do so, u can do most of those animations through CSS as well. JS is a programming language and is mainly used for back end stuff such as processing input from a user. If you would like to see an example of JS used in the back end way look at one of my codes below


here is one of my codes as an example but I like being free to use CSS which bootstrap limits


Through : It provides each and every step to learners in detail.


I read that javascript is important to add animation like features and like a new soul to your site,how is it backend?


Backend is databases, such as sql, Node.js, PHP, webservers...


Do html its fairly simple. I erased and restarted and still go back for more.


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