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meta Is sololearn a only english forum ??

When iam soloearn i always see messages that look like russia, is russia and arabi messages allowed or is this only for english forum Thak you sincrely, enviousd eleanor

9/15/2019 11:19:39 PM

envious eleanor

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The Sololearn forum is not english only, so feel free to ask questions in any language you feel most comfortable with.


hello freind, i am not native english speaker so sorry for bad english, but sololean is not in fact an eenglish forum. many people hear speak and use different lagnuages.


slick i am sory, the anwser is not like other, what is the meaning ?


People here sometimes ask questions in Russian, Spanish etc. So feel free to ask in your own language. Hopefully there are enough people to answer.


envy elene the other meaning is within you this hole time