I am a beginner here, I've started with C++. What is your opinion, have selected the right one or should I go with any other?

I am a learner, there's no specific goal yet. All I want is to learn programming. The tags specify which other languages I am interested to learn but feel free to suggest one of your recommendations. It will be helpful if you can also tell why should I pursue that specific language.

9/15/2019 7:39:09 PM

Nirman More

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C++ is a bit hard to begin with, if you're already good, then keep learning it, but if you just started I'd say you switch to python since it's easier and can be used in more fields, especially for automations or small scripts in general. For the tags: JS: Can be used in desktop applications, or the web HTML5: Web development Python: multi-purpose language C++: Desktop application, games Java: application (especially android) SoloLearn: Why did you even include sololearn lmao


Thank you Aymane. I appreciate your help.