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How can i grow?

Hello guys, I am very sad that i cant understand the algorithms of any problem, even i do lots of practice.

9/15/2019 3:57:27 PM

Abhishek Kushwaha

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Unfortunately there is no way out of this but to practice. I know this situation is frustrating and confidence breaking. Try studying other people codes. Run the program through debugger tracing every statement figuring out what the code is doing. Print the values of variables before and after the change.


Do you have problems with some of these (ignore what you'ven't even met yet): Basic syntax: Indentation Variables Basic datatypes: Strings Integers Floats Booleans Iterables: List Tuples Dictionaries Sets Functions Conditional statements Loops Exception handling File handling OOP: Classes Objects Modules


You have to find the most simple tasks you can imagine. They can not be too simple. Only condition is that you feel you can solve them - then they are perfect. Do a lot of these. After a while you will improve! If you get stuck, you can always share your attempt here and we give you a hint.