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Starting coding after 8 years of marriage with two small kids is difficult. Can I start again?

My question is Can i do coding again and be in the software industry again...

9/12/2019 6:57:41 AM

Needhi Wadhs

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1 hr learning per day is enough as beginning step, then try to make more work


Start with baby steps. Learn practice you will eventually fall and catch up the latest. Many other resources available online that will help you. YouTube channels are like: FreeCodeCamp Traverse Media Kevin Powell Coding Artist (she is one of our community member) Online tutorials and lot more.


If you are willing to earn then you must be willing to invest in your learning too. YouTube channel like Traversy Media has got all the latest web stuff Covered. But if you want better go for paid courses instead of wandering between free stuff.


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Never too late to start something. I believe it was Martin Luther that said "even if the world will end tomorrow, i will plant my apple"



If there is a will, there is a way.


I am almost in that same situation: two kids, a full time job in a sector far away from the IT world. But I'm sure it's possible. There is plenty of articles on Medium or others platform to inspire you. Your not only. And more, you seem to have a background in IT, so you are a step forward. So go ahead I say.


Thanks for the review Emmanuel Albert I was looking for the app reviews past week was thinking even if it's worth downloading


Emmanuel Albert are you using the free or paid version of Programming Hero app? Is it worth paying?


Just do it!


In fact its a good thing if you can also let the them play with the programs you make. Changing params to see what happens and stuff.


There may be two cases for you to start coding. 1.) To earn a living 2.) As a passion. In the first case I don't think it'll make sense to start coding to earn a living at this stage. there are a lot more ways to do so. But in the second case if you choose it as a passion you will do what ever it takes to become a programmer. Choosing programming as your passion means that you feel your life is incomplete without it. Choice is yours....


Absolutely. You may start by processing tutorials by Daniel Shiffmann


I use free version of processing


Its not processing heros. Its a free software. for computer use for android phone use p5js app. All are free.


Practice gradually like 1 hour 30 minutes don't rush take your time .you can also download programming hero app to help you out and get books also video tutorials to help you out .1 hour for books 30 minutes for video.Do this for the first two weeks and continue by adding 30 minutes after another week then you can reach 3 hours every day in no time


Dshah am using the free version .If you pay there is a little benefit not really much but I advice to continue with the free version


Yes .... You did it 👏 coding again ...


I don't know can you? It doesn't matter about kids and marriage slot of people are learning because they're in tough spots and they are tech savvy. At least you have family that sounds like you already have people that support your education