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I have to get 5 likes on all 50 questions. Do your own likes count?

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Like Coder and HonFu mentioned pal, there is no value of your or other learners likes. You give "likes" on codes, posts and q & a part because you liked something while going through the stuff. As some badges are created in process of getting likes, but it has nothing to do with your own likes


There is no value of your upvotes on code or on questions and answers




If they did, you would only need to earn 4 per question.


No, Sonic, if your own counts, it belongs to the 5, so it's still 5. 😎


HonFu what I meant was that if your own vote was one of the 5 (which we know is not the case), since there is hardly any skill required in getting it, your code/comment must only be good enough to really convince and earn the upvote of 4 others. IOW the badge designers wanted users to really earn 5 votes (rather than get one for free and earn only 4), so we are both saying the same thing I think. But then again, things such as like storms can dilute the value of others' votes as well.