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How difficult it's gonna be to get a job for me?

Hi, I'm Juan from colombia, I'm 24 years old and I have a degree in civil engineer, my story is that I wasn't happy with my career, so I decided to quick my job and start a software development technology this July, I really like what I've been learn so far from technology, I love maths, everything about logic and I really love everything about computers, for that reasons and others is what I decided to study software development. So my question is, How difficult it's gonna be to get a job in three years? (when I will 27 and have finished my career ) or How difficult is to get job a job as a student?, do you have any advice for me?. By the way, thank you all and have a good day ✌🏻

9/9/2019 5:19:06 PM

Juan Pablo Yepes Tamayo

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It's really good thing that you leave something you don't like to do what you love... Programming is not that hard all you have to do is to play with codes and use what you've learned and try to create something and as for job do this steps 1. Become good at coding (at least 1 programming language) 2. Learn algorithms and data structure 3. Work on some projects You will become a great developer just by 2 - 3 years if you will be consistent and ya there is a thing called coding bootcamps which actually trains you in more or less 1 year for getting a job


Try to find some programmers from your country/city. They should have vital information about your local job market in programming.


Don't ever think of getting a job. Do what ever you can and keep your best efforts into practise. A job which deserves you will come to you.


Thanks Rushikesh, Have you ever heard about Holberton school?, it's a school founded in silicon valley who arrived to my city this year, I think is kind of a bootcamp with intensive work. Can you please take a look and say me if it looks good place and if is a good way to learn, here is the official page :