[Help] What is the difference between Public Codes & Project Codes in Sololearn??

In My profile, there are showing that i posted 99 codes (public code) but in highlight 97 project are showing... Is this happening only with me or anyone else ?? Why & How?? 🤔

9/9/2019 1:51:52 PM

Sudeep Jaiswal

2 Answers

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It's not a bug. I have 50 public codes but I have like 20 or so projects(28 to be precise). This can be edited. Click on the highlight, click on *manage projects*. You'd find out that you can increase or decrease the number of projects you have. For some reason I don't know how the app calculates the project. Is it every written code that's a project or it sorts it automatically? A mod should explain better.


If you save others codes or private your own codes then these won't be counted as projects.