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Job after army

Hi here. I'm at army now and don't want serve more. I need job connected with programming after army. I know html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrup, Ajax, php, sql. I have own little network. I'm learning Unity3D + C#. What could you advise me to do to find job if I have now any aducation?

9/7/2019 4:18:02 AM

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With that many skills you don't need to worry much I guess. Even if you don't get a job soon you can still work on your own (freelance). Web development and/or game development seems to be a viable and feasible option for you. Once you are established, you can start building your team so you can grow and be able to handle bigger projects - you got friends so workload can be divided in the team, not overwhelming yourself.


front-end development for your set of skills. if you have a strong command of PHP, you can also try backend