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How to make programming language

Dosto hum programming language kese bnaa skte hai mtlb kese new language bnaa skte hai

9/6/2019 1:17:37 PM

Technical Soni

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Farhan;//Exams/LessActive Unless I've been misinformed, this section isn't strictly English-speaking so there's no need to ask others to write their question in english with little reason to do so besides allowing you to understand it. If users are more comfortable speaking another language besides english, let them do so as there is nothing wrong with that


One thing I want to say Please define your question in English Because most of the people here don't know Hindi Using English will make the question more answerable


Faisal , I am suggesting him to use English as I observed that most of the questions which are in other languages get their answers lately or sometimes they don't, some get downvotes for no reason as many things it's a spam



Technical Soni for making any programming language you need to know something about how that programming language will works and in which architecture for that you should have knowledge of 1) microprocessor 2) computer organization 3) operating system 4) compiler 5) and grammar in which your programming language is written