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I need description on how to code a game. Also any list of good apps for animation would be really helpful. Thanks.

9/3/2019 10:23:22 PM

Praise Onyemenam

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I think Maya is among the best software for CGI and animation.


Modern game engines require extensive coding by teams of experienced programmers measured in man years. Your time will be used much more effectively if you use an off the shelf game engine. There are many game engines available. See... An easy, and free, engine for beginners is the CopperCube Engine. See... The Godot engine is another free, and open source, engine. See... Professional game studios use expensive software such as Maya and 3DS Max for 3D modelling and animation. These packages cost thousands of dollars to buy or hundreds of dollars per month for subscriptions. Blender is a free, open source, 3D modelling and animation package capable of producing very professional results. See... MilkShape 3D is a shareware package specifically designed for low poly modelling and animation for games. It includes importers and exporters for a large number of game engines. See... Another free and easy to use package is Anim8or. Anim8or is really easy to use for creating animated movies and learning the basics of 3D modelling and animation. However, it lacks the export capabilities of milkshape. See...


use unity for 2d and 3d, its easier than unreal


The coppercube better than Unity..... Coppercube: You can make games without programming... Link to download coppercube: