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Followers & Following?

Friends what's the meaning of followers and following if you don't responds towards post submitted. Maybe because challenges filled up the activity feed so we don't responds. But don't make it a number make it a connection and respond. Don't mind me.

1/30/2017 4:10:36 PM

Ram chandra Giri

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Okay, here you are a response. I am also interested in that topic. More followers equal much influence. Is it related to get more xp? Hope someone will answer us.


no it does not increase your XP, I only got this much follower by posting questions & answers and playing challenge.


This is what i meant to say no response!


yes what is the value of having 100% influence and you are not influencing. It is not related with XP, for me it is just been a number.


Wow, how do you get so much followers? Does this increase your xp and how many? Only thing you get is that way the followers became visible to you and their activity can be useful somehow.