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What is best?? for making a simple website for online markets {Visual studio code or Wordpress.}

I am so confused within them so plzzz tell me .. ,and give me some advice about this type websites.🙏🙏🙏

9/1/2019 1:20:57 PM

Abhay Pratap Singh

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Word press is a what you see is what you get WYSIWYG its for people who dont know how to code its pleasant to work with with many tools and plugins. Me personally it really helps with getting a website going quickly and dealing with forms and especially SEO however most other developers tell me that it is a pain to deal with the code below the pretty interface. Visual Studio Code is what most developers should want and is a general IDE for most things. You can still make website quickly and you have more control yourself. There is more tools you need to learn like Git, static site generators such as Gatsby and so on, but if you want to be a real web developer this is the obvious choice.


I have both vscode and wordpress but i am not use wordpress i am only use vs code because i am not a professional devloper , i think you r right SpaceJam♨ tnx for replying bro..☺☺.


Haha well i did choose wordpress because of speed, and many plugins. You also write your own plugins and intergrate. Expecially it youre designing for someone or for pay. For personal use you can use visual studio


sylvain gemieux tnxx brother ☺🙏 i will try this .


i say HTML and CSS and JavaScript


WordPress is platform to build websites for people who are not know to write code Vscode is an app for write code....


Mostly of the people here is saying that wordpress is for people who dont know code. I do wordpress in depth like making own plugins and templates. Wordpress is powerfull CMS and Blogging if you want to work fast, and finish a site within a day then go for wordpress. But still it depends on what kind of website you are doing


You can build website quickly with WordPress with 0 code. But i you wanna be good on SEO, personalization and evolutive... You must create with IDE Visual Studio, VS Code...