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div tags or html5 tags

Hello guys, I have a question, may be a stupid one but I need know from experts :D For create a webpage these days we use tags like <div id="header"></div>,<div id="nav> </div>,<div id="container"></div>, <div id="footer"></div>, or <header>, <nav>,<footer>. Thanks a lot!

8/31/2019 6:55:38 AM


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HTML5 tags of course, for a better organization and a clearer structure. You can use the next link as a brief guide, and the 'Conclusion' section if you are looking for some good reasons for using them: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Using_HTML_sections_and_outlines Edit: You can use a div tag if you need a container, or a specific division of code. But for main sections, use HTML5 tags.


thank you.