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How often do you attend IT meetups?

I personally prefer to attend them when I have free time, usually it can be once a month. On si meetings I can discover something new for my field and to discuss with other devs about their practice.

8/29/2019 8:47:31 AM


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I totally agree with you. Meetups is an awesome way of communication for developers. Learning new stuff, meeting new people, acquiring contacts or just socializing with people who work in the same field is very useful and beneficial. I bet it's fun for everyone as well. Alas, nowadays I rely more on YouTube videos than real meetups 😩. I know I rob myself of communication, but I just don't have time. Well at least with videos I can be sure that I watch good stuff ☺.


Sonic yes, I found one website where are all the meet ups in our country shown there. Do you have so website for your country?


Where do you usually find meet ups? On the web?