The difference between ul and ol?

Hello everyone, what is the difference between ul and or I can not understand, Show an example. thanks

8/25/2019 8:43:47 PM


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Hi @Ахан, Did you mean between <UL> and <OL> ? You wrote <or> but, I think you meaned <ol>... If yes: <UL> is Unordered list, and <OL> is Ordered List. UL: bring its itens using little marks such as little circle or squares; OL: bring its itens using numbers or letters, in ascending order; I hope I helped.


Ronaldo Pi Ma Si's answer is right. If you want a live example check my code here :) https://code.sololearn.com/WjNq67ul80Z1/?ref=app


Schindlabua I really like your answer, great job (´・ω・`)


Here is my shopping list: - Milk - Eggs - Bread It's an <ul> because order doesn't matter and I will buy all the items in whatever order I see them at the store. Here's how to make coffee: 1. Pour water into machine 2. Add coffee beans to machine 3. Press the coffee button It's an <ol> because if I press the button without water in the machine, nothing will come out, so order is important.