how to insert css in to html code for style sheet to make a goog web page

html css java in one page of a sheet

8/25/2019 8:35:11 PM


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You can insert three types of style sheet in your html code Inline style sheet : By using some attributes which are responsible for styling the text and background and position etc Embedded style sheet; By using <style> Eigther in <body> or <head> <style> //same syntax for css </style> Third are external style sheet and its the best and preferred one by all You write your css style sheet code in a different file Then implement it in html document using <link> It accepts two attributes as default href >> indicates the external file path rel >> shows the relation between external file and html document And has always the value (rel = stylesheet) <link rel="stylesheet"href="link path"> External are good because It makes the code more clear and readable for others And make it easy to handle and change between files easy


🤔 mm you are looking for the element "style" . E.g. ... <html <head> <style> Use css 😉 </style> </head> ... </html>