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What does the tag "mfd" indicate?

I keep seeing the tag "mfd" all over SoloLearn and I haven't got a clue what it relates to. For me it means Multi-Function Display, which is a piece of electronic equipment. However, I suspect that in this case that is incorrect. Wikipedia isn't much more help either... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MFD I do wish people wouldn't use abbreviations without defining them first. Please enlighten an old fossil.

8/24/2019 12:45:04 PM

Martin Taylor

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OOPs. Another search of sololearn using google gave me the answer. MFD = Marked For Deletion. I presume the admins apply this tag.


Martin Taylor , for the reason of being a duplicate, don't be surprised if a moderator multi function displays this post of yours.


You got it right. Except the admin part. Only when added by gold mod or higher will it work. Effect: post gets removed 24hrs later.


Yeah Martin Taylor, lol. I also remember a time when I was asking something about an mfd tag, used that tag on the question as a relevant tag and realising moments later that I had just set up my own thread to self destruct in 24 hrs 😂.


Rip 😨


@Sonic ROFL! I know, we keep telling people to use the search bar. I had to use Google to find the answer because I was getting so many hits on the "mfd" tag. EDIT: Interesting. I just ran the search again, using the search bar, and only got a few relevant hits. The cron job must have ran to delete the others since my previous search.


BeegCat selected for deletion


Ananiya Jemberu no lol, it is stopped from deletion....one thread had it, it was 3 year old


I saw a similar but not congruent tag recently....sfd. Wat bout dat? Stopped from deletion??