What are the benefits of staying on Sololearn long term?

I'm trying to justify my long term existence on this platform. Continuous education can happen inside or outside of this platform. So, I'm trying to figure out what more I can gain or contribute by hanging around for longer.

8/23/2019 11:27:47 AM


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The Q&A is like a place where you learn from the (dumb, smart) mistakes from others. If one has the resolve to endure all the duplicate and senseless questions in here, it is true that there is actually an abundance of knowledge worth mining in SoloLearn. SL is a bee hive, threads are essentially knowledge-sharing pockets waiting to be filled with honey, and we are the bees which fly out into the rest of the internet in search of flowers. Only those who linger around long enough are rewarded with its sweet dew.


[Part 2 of 3] Sonic I'm going to respond from the perspective of a highly experienced, professional software developer of 23 years, who joined SoloLearn for no other reason than to determine if I can recommend it to people interested in learning to program. The greatest benefits of staying on SoloLearn for someone like me are the intelligent, multi-talented, and creative people from every corner of the world with a common passion most people IRL cannot relate to. There is something uniquely rich about making these connections I've made, interacting with fascinating people like you, Da2, Fermi... who I've only recently seen here, which led me to this thread, and Giorganio, who I've not yet seen but can already tell possesses much wisdom. I've been inspired by the creative wizardry of those who crank out amazing animated effects in canvas, something I never thought of beyond the silly generic shapes you see in online docs. I've learned more about other cultures, job markets, the challenges many must...


[Part 1 of 3] Fermi I can't tell if you were explicitly intentional with the careful placement of every subtle reference in that bee-hive analogy or I've just interpreted what I wanted from this beautifully written poetic comparison. Either way, please consider me one of your newest fans. 👏


[Part 3 of 3] ... overcome in countries without the stability and benefits I've taken for granted. I've come to appreciate my own growth over the years as I relate to many people struggling in the early stages of learning, a struggle that is but a distant memory for me. I've reinforced my own core understandings by answering questions I've not contemplated in many years. I've extended my understandings by additional research to find the proper way of explaining interesting concepts I don't need to think in my day to day work. I've recently responded to questions about functional vs OOP, Javascript quirks, IEEE 754 on NaN, extends vs implements, etc... all of which have made me dig deeper to explore ways of simplifying what is otherwise complex. I may not be the best at this or most succinct... but I've certainly grown in countless and immeasurable ways I could never have without a platform like SoloLearn. For that, I will forever be grateful. 🙏


Sololearn is a good place to connect with other people in the world. Besides you always have people like David Carroll, Morpheus, @Gordon who always share a lot of content here that constantly improves your knowledge.


Thank you guys for the awesome responses so far. You guys rock! I think I will hang around much longer for the good, knowledgeable and knowledge hungry people like you in this community as well as for the two way benefits to all in terms of knowledge sharing. David Carroll I really admire all your technical knowledge, your leadership as well as your never ending contributions. Fermi oh so poetic. Chris C. , Vasilis Karapas, Da2, Giorganio, Minerals2016 and everyone else, a big thank you to you!


Good information here, but I'm posting a very similar question for reference: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/972403/?ref=app


Hello Sonic I don't know much about benefits by learning these programming languages alot. I just three or four for my career but Here I am learning every languages abit by everyday and Sololearn is the first Android app that I used to code in my cell phone. And this resources didn't stopped. There's new resources,Codes,leassons and quizs to learn everyday. And I get Motivations from this platform. Thanks Yeva and other founders of Sololearn . And I can aslo got alotta coder friends and discussed about future world and Programming in fields. ☺☺☺


Sololearn=virtual world so you will learn everything A slow learner is a child of below-average intelligence, whose thinking skills have developed significantly more slowly than the norm for his/her age. This child will go through the same basic developmental stages as other children but will do so at a significantly slower rate. I hope Got your Answer.


The ability to transfer complex knowledge in a simple way is an art. To do That on an app, is genius. To offer all this for free, is divine. I m enjoying the pleasure of learning again while approaching 50. Solo learn satisfies my intellectual curiosity and feeds my hunger for learning. Thank you


Mike Morley I agree with all but #4. I swear, the dopamine released from knowing I've continued my streak another day is akin to substance abuse in need of a support group. 😂🤣 I need to just break my streak so I can start going through detox. 🤪


As you have completed almost all the courses,the only thing this app can still offer to you are the Q and A feature and coding challenges(if you consider them challenges). I personally think that they are realistic and pragmatic that they can inspire you if you want to develop a useful app. On the other hand,you can contribute by answering the questions from puzzled users who are learning just like you in the past.


In the older days, people stayed in their community for years and some worked outside of their community to bring resources and knowledge back in order to expand. Sololearn isn't much different. We have a lot of very knowledgeable vets who have been here longer than others. They know how to easily find the information and resources, that have been shared with the community from the outside and inside. We get new members daily who are sometimes clueless, and then there are some who bring new knowledge with them. We have regulars who scout the Q/A regularly usually the first to pinpoint the pieces of information sought by others. I've been here since early 2016. I still get likes and thankyous for the answers, I left behind years ago. Even if I'm not sharing anything new as of late, I'm still helpful. Sonic you are familiar/ regular. Many people recognize you and trust your wisdom. That is justification enough to stick around. You are a good asset to the community.


Sonic Don't ask yourself why should you stay. Ask yourself why shouldn't you stay. Sololearn is awesome. Nice community, lessons that are easy for beginners, great coding platform, challenges, you get to ask questions and share experience. I'm not planning on leaving any time soon. Sololearn is the best. ;)


I'll keep this concise, and in a numbered list for convenience. 1. Courses allow learning and/or review of new languages, algorithms, data structures and more. 2. Quizzes, Challenges and Assignments allow practical usage of newly learned coding knowledge. 3. User Creation and Moderation allows users to lead and motivate others, expanding the programming universe further. 4. MOST IMPORTANT: Streak system (on the mobile app) provides motivation to return every day, thus giving a reason to stay long term.


1. The community's nice. 2. The mods are nice. 3. The challenges are educational(provided you actually learn and don't just memorize). 4. There are assignments you can do and learn from as well. 5. The curriculum changes every so often as well. Also, you can find other resources to better your learning experience. As always, happy coding!!


Sonic , we are like-minded coders my friend. Let's hang😊


There is a great thing about sololearn it will motivate not like stackoverflow I hate even single mistake will end up in tons of downvotes but sololearn people remind of your mistake in a polite manner. I seriously love this part of sololearn like if you are just beginner you don't want tons of downvotes to depress you and if you are an experienced guy you can do the same and some time in life you get to point where you don't know what to do there just little motivation can change your life. [Advertisement over]


if you want justification then that's find but if you are seeking beyond that then these goes as followw =>if you pay enough attention you will see that on sololearn you are connected to creative mind ,you are open to support from your followers and with that you can open your door to opportunity and above all you have enough rescource from knowleges to start something......


In my opinion there are 10 reasons to stay long term. 1: Teach new learners with comments and answers (which will help you to remember and learn again) 2: Create and show your code to the world and get feedback 3: Play challenges remembering what have you learned 4: Find friends, create chats and try to do team projects 5: Become a public person, collecting followers and doing public posts 6: Solve daily/weekly teasers 7: Improve your English skills 8: Become a moderator or tester, taking some benefits from it 9: Follow people who do some advanced public posts in sphere you interested 10: Be part of smart and fun community