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weak in logic of programing

Hi ...i think im weak in programing (logic and algorithm) what should do to becom strong in coding and logic ... i want to becom strong in data structures, algorithm (smth like shortest path ,dijikastra and ...) the very bad thing about me is that i used to copy and paste the code from internt as my homework(for college) and i never code it... this is very bad and make me sad...sometimes i even cant do the solo learn challenges... can you help me ? i use java and c

8/22/2019 7:48:19 AM

majid mosavi

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Start with simple algorithms with simple data structures and gradually move on to more complex ones.


practicing^2 ... (by the way, a lot of sololearn challeges are asked in tricky was, so don't get upset about losing)


tnx guys...


In my opinion, to enhance your logic and algorithm, You need to learn more in Mathematics. For examples, Discrete Mathematics. Furthermore, you also have to learn the Intelligent System which is AI language, Prolog. Both of this can enhance your logic and algorithms.