If a front end developer wants to write mobile apps, which way to choose?

1) NativeScript (React Native, etc), or 2) Xamarin (C#), or 3) Java / Kotlin or Swift? 4) .... ⚫What are the hidden disadvantages that can be found in cross-platform frameworks? ⚫ What are the benefits of native platforms? Maybe someone has experience?

8/19/2019 7:02:05 PM

rudolph flash

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Sonic is right JS could be a good option even for a mobile app. First you should create a working project suitable for small screens, then use Android Studio to build a mobile app. Android Studio will take your HTML/CSS/JavaScript code and create an APK file for you. Sololearn has an article on how to do it: https://www.sololearn.com/learn/1439/?ref=app As for me, I use Opera browser to run my WEB codes on my phone.


rudolph flash, hardware support is done via API's provided by operating system. JavaScript can also access web cameras and other hardware. There is a lot of libraries written to help you do pretty much anything. You just have to read the documentation for those functions. Just make a simple project to see how it works. Practice will help you make more complex stuff ☺.


Perhaps react native as a front end developer would be familiar with JS.


The best program for creating apps is definitelly android studio which supports for example java language but you don t have to know java at all because what you only need is adding a web view to your app and put there your index.html. You can simply find a short tutorial how to add web view on YT. However it is definitelly better if you have basic knowledges of java (tutorial on sololearn) + some stuff which is often used in android studio (override,...)


Sonic Vitya It really will be easy. But how about servicing in the future and using hardware (camera, wifi, etc)


You can look through the docs of ionic. It has come out the ionic 4 recently and if you know the basics of html, css and javascript, it is good to start it. What is the difference compared to other mobile app frameworks? Well, first of all,it is hybrid which means you only code once and run everywhere. To be more specific, you don't need to write code for ios and android seperately. Moreover, it has been a long time that ionic is in the market which means that it is quite well developed. Really recommend you to have a look at it.


i dont know but i sure its swift (mabye im wrong)