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About using attributes of parent class

Class parent: def __init__(self, name, gender) Self.name=name Self.gender=gender Class son (parent): def __init__ (self, division,rollno) Self.division=division Self.rollno=rollno......... Is it possible to access the son's name and his gender along with division,roll no ,without rewritting the name and gender aatributes ,

8/15/2019 12:21:44 PM

Sagar Hiremath

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Copied from another web site. class Person: def __init__(self, fname, lname): self.firstname = fname self.lastname = lname def printname(self): print(self.firstname, self.lastname) class Student(Person): def __init__(self, fname, lname, year): Person.__init__(self, fname, lname) # super().__init__(fname, lname) <- or use this instead of the line above self.graduationyear = year def welcome(self): print("Welcome", self.firstname, self.lastname, "to the class of", self.graduationyear) x = Student("Mike", "Olsen", 2019) x.welcome()


I don't know much about python but If son extends parent then theres no need to add that peice of code again in son becuase son inherits it from parent, just call parent constructor from son class and add the attributes in then because son inherits what ever parent has your object will have a name and gender


iron_man = son(5, 7) dictionary = vars(iron_man) print(dictionary) #Output: {'division': 5, 'rollno': 7}


Does the son object have something to inherit?


Seb TheS where is a concept of inheritance 😅


Atleast son object shouldn't inherit the name and gender attributes.