Is it just me or has sololearn gone quiet?

I haven't seen any cotd, new challanges or much activity from the Sololearn account 🤔

8/14/2019 3:40:16 PM


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🤓... working on improvements for the app👍😉 OR 🍹... it's vacation time! 😆🤘🍻


On a more serious note: Hasn't Sololearn stopped adding *any* value lately? No new quizzes (we also can't submit anymore), no assignments, no lessons, no tutorial updates, no trivia-assignments (#Your FavouriteFruit)... If we read anything at all, it's some pseudo-wisdom in feed. Well, eventually you will have to give the users something, or they'll wander off. (And not for a second I believe the 13 millions.)


Has been a long vacation already.


I think new (trending) courses should be added in Sololearn. This will also open opportunities for more quizzes. Also more and more contests should be conducted.


Ermmm Actually I got alotta challenges from others when I started using this but it seems they are gone and feel boring. 😂 But Some users are totally active in here. So, make your account with active users.😁


Sololearn is storming with a vengeance to get to level 20. It is time-consuming. 😏


I don't think its just you. Sometimes i see my notifications and i just see activity from 1 hour ago...


I think 'she' is. She sent me a bot-like DM as well.


@Sonic Look at this: It has a name though. Hm... https://code.sololearn.com/cYV84denXoJ5/#c This answer though too: "You should start with HTML and css. I will compile a list of leading edge languages that will place you above the pack. Give me 24 hrs." Bot?


I want to believe that Sololearn is quiet because it's planning on making 1 killer move. Like *Improved I/O for non-web langs *Addition of new courses *Creation of new badges *Organizing the first meet-up, thereby bringing back the "Networker" badge .


I've been on SL for close to 2 years. I can see how people can tire of it. I like the community, however!


Sololearn offers innovative and interesting ways to learn today's in demand coding Languages.


D_Stark 😃Thank you!🍺 🤓code bookmark ✔would be great!👌🍻


PoloLadyCoder, are you a commercials bot?


Green Ghost you're right. I think not a bot. I even got a new DM claiming they are all human. So my apologies to everyone .... unless the level of AI has dramatically improved recently.


HonFu [#GoGetThatBugChamp!] MartinTheDragon I have been using SL without downloading the app for about two years. Well, I actually only finished the python course and didn't do anything else. There will be others like that. (although probably not the missing 8 million).


Thanks guys theres lots of hope here 👍💪 Hopefully this is the calm before the storm and there just busy making some cool things to keep us busy we will have to wait and see I guess 😊 I just hope one of the things there busy with is a bookmarker i asked for so I can bookmark codes and revisit them 😅


Sololearn the multi challenger


Well we've had an AMA recently. Does that count?


Yes it is.. No one here at all in my local..