How to use the search bar?

Hello everyone, so I'm new here and I'm just getting used to stuff on this app. I found the Q&A Discussions and I find it difficult to search... I typed something in the search but I didn't find it. How exactly is it meant to be used? Pardon my ignorance 🤓

8/14/2019 1:00:12 PM


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Shirley Better use google to search sololearn. In google or your favorite search engine type <search term> site:www.sololearn.com <- this is the key You will get much better result. Use + - infront of search term for must include or exclude the search term use "search term" (include double quotes) to search the full phrase to search your own post quickly (you do require it at times) <search term> <user name> site:www.sololearn.com


Shirley Hello,😊 [ Before asking a question on the forums: ]   • Google Advanced Search — https://www.google.com/advanced_search ⇨ Set domain to 》sololearn.com《      for search only on the SoloLearn   • Eclipse Wiki — https://wiki.eclipse.org/Before_asking_a_question_on_the_forums   • SoloLearn Advanced Search — http://www.freecodeexamples.com/2018/12/sololearn-advanced-search.html https://code.sololearn.com/W26q4WtwSP8W/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/WvG0MJq2dQ6y/


Oh. That's how you find posts easy. You try with minimal words tat would be most effective if trying on Sololearn. Sololearn's search bar is terrible.


Sonic Yup! The new beta version brought an improved search engine which uses a different algorithm to sort through posts. The new algorithm works a lot better than the older one, so just hang tight and the update should roll around in the near future 😉


Ipang It's unfortunate that many people especially the new ones do not understand the importance of tags. Arbitary tags usage have badly skewed the search results 😔


I'm sorry you have to experience difficulty in searching Shirley, when all the while we are all encouraged to do just that before we post something, it's kinda ironic being disciplined to search first - but the search engine is inaccurate. I'm waiting for that day when SoloLearn team comes up with a strategy for battling tags abuse, as you probably know, too many times questions are including irrelevant words in the Relevant Tags section, while the search engine uses those words as search terms. Thanks to tag abusers we have tonnes of invalid responses as search results. In the meantime I guess, using external search engine is our best bet, as ~ swim ~ suggested.


Every post with crappy tags should be shot on sight by the mods. At least mfd'ed. Because seriously, a user who was delirious enough to cram their code into the tags - or their favourite poem - will hardly be able to act upon the request to 'please change the tags to something fitting'.


I couldn't agree more ~ swim ~ But at the same time we can't really blame them, as there is (currently) no forum introduction or such, they are mostly just unaware (Yes there are actual spammers). We can still try to remind them about it though, whether heeded or not shouldn't be much concerned, we tried 😁


You might put the most important keyword of the question, and if it does not work you might put 2 of the most important words.


You have to write the tag of the question Example C++ Not like this What is c++


Thank you all so much 😊🙈


There was talk about an improvement coming to the SL search bar. I wonder when that will happen. Any idea Faisal ?


No point of talking about the beta version when it is made available to selected people !


try searching for specific tags such as abstract class, operator overloading etc. If you are lucky there might be a course already assigned to that, or else the mods would definitely guide you to it.



I'm new here as well. You right it's difficult, but it is easy to learn. I am guessing this app give simple information to learn Python and get to ppl to help each other like a community in each section in the comments. Good luck 🤞


dont use it




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