Is there any commercial or real use of css drawings?

So css drawings they are really cute and awesome but I guess I never saw them actually being used in any professional website. I find awesome designing and UI but never saw a cute teddy waving hands. So is there any commercial value of making these drawings. No offense towards css drawing makers. I really love all the drawings. I just wonder if they are ever used in a website.

8/13/2019 11:24:26 AM

Ashutosh Agrawal

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No things like "cute teddy waving hands" probably would never be used in a real world website. But CSS drawings help you explore and understand CSS properties. You get a much deeper understanding of transitions, positioning, stacking, mastering keyframes , using of pseudo classes, shaping div and other elements to create a particlar effect etc. Quite complex CSS animations are used in creating loading animations, logo animation, icon animations, animated website banners and so much more. You can check out any freelancing sites to find out these animations are sold from $5 to $150 and above for complex animations. Also some people wonder why to create looping loading animations with css when we can easily create gifs instead. One of the important aspects of a good website is its performace. Using too manly images might slow down your site. Also with CSS it is easy to edit your animations...like change colors, change animation duration or speed or whatever.


Totally agree with your question 😂 🎉 Ashutosh Agrawal 🎉 I wanted to ask this same question 'cause I've seen a lot (and I do CSS drawings as well). But as for me, I don't do them cause I wanna be professional with them. I find them fun and entertaining to make.. if I wanted to do professional stuff, I totally won't be doing CSS drawings 😅 they're also some kinda challenge for me 😜😂


most of the teddy waving hand animations are never really used in website true, but I've also seen complex animations such as loaders (Dont giggle when i say "loaders", I've seen websites with very complex loading animations).Animating shapes (teddy or whatever) will give you a better understanding of css drawings so most people just do it to learn or for fun.


Bro people are talking about this in there 👇 I read it some... They says ' CSS drawing/art are not used in real life' Maybe 3d css model could be use 🙄 https://hashnode.com/post/amp/why-are-people-drawing-in-css-cj08q3d1l00p0ko53k79ww9j7 Why are people Drawing in CSS? - Hashnode


᠌᠌brains thanks for the answer I wanted to ask the same question about loaders too. As you know we have many awesome loaders but nowadays most professional website are so fast that they don't need a loader anymore. And many settle for a simple fast spinner only


I don't think they are used on any website but yeah it helps a lot to understand CSS better and it's quite engaging to do so... Edit: Now this is something which could have usage(but I think for reaching this level the creator may have made drawings and stuff too) https://keithclark.co.uk/articles/creating-3d-worlds-with-html-and-css/


There are always kids' websites you know.


CSS animation can be used in game development .


yup.... if you can do it efficiently you can get a job as logo designer 😊


CSS drawing maybe no, but svg vectors are quite a tool. Popular websites, when they do branding, have their custom svg vector graphics logo. Eg: Duolingo, if you see their logo, you'll get it. So for some custom animated logo, these might be needed.Or maybe their alternatives are used.


It isn't much useful...but it's fun... I made mine today..hope you like it.


I have also seen svg images animated by css, as a trending technique. For example it is possible to make animations with this as part of an advertisement campaign, to help a company with branding / marketing, either on their own website or in paid ad spots. I started wondering how sensitive this type of content is to ad-blockers. Anyone aware if an svg ad is less likely blocked than a text or image/gif ad? Or it has no significance?


Good Question, It is used but not a very high level in professional websites because it seems to be dificult to handle it with javascript or any variables. Then SVG or Canvas could be used to do the same or higher thing in professional website.




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https://medium.com/@osagienoah04/fathomable-python-programming-beginner-to-advance-d02bdc5474bc check it out and give it a clap. Thanks...


https://medium.com/@osagienoah04/fathomable-python-programming-beginner-to-advance-d02bdc5474bc check it out and give it a clap. Thanks...