How to good at threading programming (Java,python)?

Threading concepts are little bit confusing me How to be good at threading concepts?

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You read the lesson for first in sololearn and then you can continue your reading in W3 school courses🙆


Think about multiple people doing multiple activities and sharing common resources only when needed.


At first, You have to know your language whether it is a multithreading language or not. I remebered Python is a one-thread language, and Java supports multithreading. You probably say that Python has a module called threading. But It ‘s not that easy. Based on my knowing, You can google some examples to see how it works. Good luck! ps: If I were wrong, please tell me to prevent misleading others. Thank you!


Think of a program written for an elevator. Every elevator gets the same program. This program should be able to negotiate with the other elevators to get people where they want to be in the most efficient way. Every elevator runs the same program and has the same abilities. Most likely there is one separate program that acts like a broker. Most of the time this is a term you will recognize.


Bart van den Donk Kudos! Fantastic example


Python has 2 packages: "threading" and "multiprocessing", I think they might offer some thread functionality to Python, but I don't know almost anything about those.


Tiger u are right nothing wrong


Python has the GIL, which is the Global Interpreter Lock. This means that only one thread can use the interpreter at one time. However, multithreading is still possible in Python because certain tasks, including IO, release the GIL. Additionally, not all implementations of Python have the GIL. For example, Jython does not have the GIL.