Real-world uses of machine learning

Machine learning/deep learning and all this stuff currently is very hyped, so I was wondering if machine learning/deep learning is really as useful people claim it to be. If it it is, what are some real-world use cases and applications of ML/DL? Sorry if I made some spelling errors as I'm not a native english speaker. Thanks in advance!

8/12/2019 7:39:15 AM

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You have algorithms which can train computers to perform tasks which usually require human intelligence. Pattern recognition, object tracking, sentiment analysis, optimization, classification, etc. These are applied to fields like finance, healthcare, entertainment, etc. It can be as grand as assisting surgeons in the operating theatre, or simply unlocking your phone when it recognises your face. https://www.roboticsbusinessreview.com/health-medical/ai-assisted-surgery-improves-patient-outcomes/


Artificial intelligence From Automation to Industry machines must be programmed to perform intricate duties that meet the needs of mankind. By training in machine learning we are pushing the world forward in technology.


1. Google recommendations, advertisements, translate etc. 2. Gleaming of complex data collected by NASA and other companies 3. Facial recognition 4. Timing of traffic robots in certain cities 5. Simulations 6. Games Etc


real world use of machine learning is that machine will get realize and work well as the human beings


Medical imaging


When Netflix and Spotify looks at your play history and makes recommendations for you. 🇺🇸


To add more detail to the top response, is particularly useful for finding patterns and trends not obvious to standard analysis methods. The larger the data is, the more useful ML methods are.


Robotics e.g.


you can tweak hardware to your own advantage which to utter surprise 😲 noone actually can


maybe it is out of content, but mechanism of human mind also practically represent comprehensive machine learning algorithms; imagine that if we transform any kind of emotional “thing” into mathematical value and diging thinking processes and understand incridible ml mechanism


Making of artificial intelligence to do just about anything