Do programmers have a brighter future than web developers?

I don't know if it's all just in my head or it seems that these days the motivation for people who do programming languages is a lot more than people who do web development. It seems like the people who can code in languages like Java, Python, C etc are of more importance and have a much brighter future in the world of programming. Sometimes I feel intimidated cause I don't know programming languages like Python, Java, C++ etc... Should someone that has interest in web development then move to programming languages because of this? Please, I'll really appreciate your answer as it will really help me... Thanks in advance. Edit: I'm not talking about wealth or earnings...

8/8/2019 8:04:01 PM


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Umm... Kinda yeah "Bright future" ? You talking about their WEALTH or HEALTH? 😂 average : web developer salary: ≈ 70,000$ / year programmer salary ≈ 100,000$ / year ☝️👆according to my quick research I'm waiting for HTML6 AND CSS4 probably they will come soon 😏 if they come , web design will get more power💪


As long as there are websites to be built there will always be frontend developers needed... however they may learn a new language or three over their career. Chee🌹Oma🥀🕊 People want customization and flexibility. As you pointed out is in which languages of tomorrow... You are putting the cart ahead of the 🐎 horse. Cross that bridge when we get there.


Wealth should not be the only reason to choose a career. You need to enjoy what you do as well.


Yes Chee🌹Oma🥀🕊


Mr. 🍊range 😂 I mean, would web languages become obsolete in future.. would HTML and CSS be replaced by some other fancy languages? 🤔 If yes.. then it means programming might be a better option 🤷


Mr. 🍊range 😂😂 BroFarOps That's a good point Sir 🤔


You should be good at atleast one programming language Chee🌹Oma🥀🕊 Most of big companies asks for data structures and algorithms they basically wants to test your problem solving skills.Once you cleared coding round they may ask anything related to your projects and work.


Adding to what the others said, I don't believe that a certain discipline (whether programming or web) should be able to determine the brightness of a person's future. Along with the rising demands and popularity of Programmers in the job market, it shouldn't be forgotten what web developers like Mark Zukerberg could do to bring in a revolution. Not about wealth or earnings, but just anybody can utilize their talents and skills to bring in a positive change in our world. Whether someone does web development or programming, if they don't pour down their best effort, only the category of coding cannot bring in a successful future. Importance should be much more proportional to your passion and usefulness of your contribution; rather than your method of doing it. 🙂


Chee🌹Oma🥀🕊 Many people like designing... I see you have amazing skills using CSS (CSS drawing) Your CSS phones had less laggy than my phone 😂 you could be CEO of a major phone company 😂


Hello Najmuddin try to be nice ^_^ you shouldn't get upset because someone else is saying "the wrong thing"


i'd like to first say that programmers are hired as web developers, as some stacks can include java, python or php. the best answer i can give is: i don't know if it will be a future for the term of programmer as we know it today. some of the jobs our parents were doing when they were in their 20s or 30s are not anymore, not looked for, don't present interest from youngsters these days, or have been assigned to robots in fabrics. and things are advancing faster and faster. it is safe to asume (from my point of view) that some skills that we aquire today will be obsolete or not required in future jobs 20 years from now (perhaps even faster than that). what you can do is to learn how to learn, to keep on doing it, as the ability to learn fast is the most searched skill today, which means that the businesses have done their homework.


Bill gate is also a programmer lol


Cbr✔[ Not Active ] Mark Zukerberg is a web developer with the major php lol *Along with Programming of course 😂


a healthy marketplace and a financially secure road I'm sure Mr. 🍊range


Humayra Islam 🇧🇩🦄 mark zuckerberg is a programmer and not a web developer


Thanks for that Palak 😊


Chee🌹Oma🥀🕊 im not upset😊 Sorry if Humayra Islam 🇧🇩🦄 hurts


It depends on many things. You could not say "Yes" or "No" exactly. You can guess what will happen; there is no assurance. To those who say "No", have you considered new technologies? 1. Building web applications for mobile platforms is easy. Maintaining your website, without worrying about mobile applications. With tools like Ionic framework, this process is simple. 2. What about desktop? For sure, we can use our web app again. You can choose Electron to do that. 3. PHP gets better and better. PHP7 is faster than Python3 about 2 or 3 times. Keep in mind, users don't look at the code, they just want to load things faster. So, why I said that? You can use it in back-end without worrying about the performance. And more, we expect more from PHP. The JIT RFC of PHP is accepted to be merged in PHP8, and there are a lot of new things. Waiting for new frameworks created for PHP for developing apps even for non-web platforms is cool. Yes, I mean we can develop mobile apps using it. So, why? Performance. JIT makes PHP even faster than today. Remember what I said about the users. 4. Consider the new JavaScript technologies growing. A-Frame for VR and Three.js for 3D apps, for example. As JavaScript is anywhere nowadays, the JS apps could also be anywhere. They can be used to create new games. 5. Too Lightweight applications, both for web and non-web. Just take a look at https://js13kgames.com/ Yes! 13 kilo-bytes JavaScript games. Not high-level games, but seems really cool. Last but not least, it's up to you. Remember, JavaScript and HTML/CSS are now the most popular technologies, based on the StackOverflow survey: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2019#technology-_-programming-scripting-and-markup-languages . Talking about future? The results may change? I don't think so, based on the reasons mentioned.


Is web developer dont write programme???


Somehow this discussion reminds me of the topology of the human brain. http://brainmadesimple.com/left-and-right-hemispheres.html The right side of our brain is supposed to be the center of creativity and imagination, while the left side works on logic and analytical thinking. Somehow I feel the question is related to this: which side should you choose. But then it is a wrong question, because what you are inherently good at, is already determined by your personality and genes. Some people are ingenious artists while other people are masterful thinkers and problem solvers. You have to figure out your own talents and look for a specific sphere of life (may that be computer science or whatever else), where you can harness your capabilities. From this perspective I really admire people who are great at web design as they come up with wonderful, amazing, creative ideas, and make the world an ever exciting place!