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Should i stop here ..and begin with js first?

8/8/2019 3:55:33 PM

Vaishali Bishtaniya

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No.. complete html (front end tool) so that u can create webpage. Then learn CSS to make design to the webpage.. Then go for js... (Html + Css+ js) is front end. Js is used to make operations in the webpage such as clicking a button in webpage etc...


Learn those as it is... Then start learning js after completing CSS


Happy learning ☺️


You can also learn them in parallel if you like.


Thanks πŸ™‚


The next lesson (drag and drop) also contains js??it seems harder to do without basic js


Ya...thanks for support πŸ™‚


This is little bit tricky


Try to learn it, you will surely get a proper understanding when you get to JavaScript.


This is complicated to understand for now.....