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Improve Programming skills

Any suggestions on how to improve my programming (Java) skills. I am able to answer 3/5 in Java challenges and losing most of the time. What should be the approach to improve?

8/6/2019 11:49:31 PM

Prathyusha Muppidi

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Prathyusha Muppidi Start by not doing challenges. They don't reflect reality or even good questions. They are nothing more than brain teasers that you eventually memorize the answers to. They certainly don't improve your knowledge or programming skills. Rather, you should focus solely on programming or look at code challenges that provide a list of requirements with inputs and expected outputs. These become progressively more challenging. That's a much better way to hone your skills.


It is more effective to practice sometimes. This is the only way to understand any technology / language / framework. Especially if you often ask yourself "what if I do this or that" while coding.


Further to David's suggestion, you can begin with attempting this interesting interview question series of David :


Practice more. Its not overnight success.


Just keep practicing 😊 also check the answers after the challange is complete and try to understand were you went wrong.


Web users such as me don't use challenges, and yet I still can create games, and codes. Challenges from what I hear are refinement of knowledge.


I'm totally agree with David's answer. If you seek a good challenge visit this site This site have a ton of good code challenges with a requirements, inputs and expected outputs. Go for it and trust me you won't regret


The best way to improve your Java skills is exercise in Eclipse or in another programming environment ,which supports Java. An other way is to read a book , but i don't recommend it. Coding is better and more effective. Also has fun!!


Utilize your time efficiently. Don't worry about the looses, how much you loose that much your experience will be increased and every challenge you loose you can learn a new thing.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Write codes, see what you answered incorrectly in the challenges, and don't give up. With time you will improve!


Write more Java code.


Find out a project you like, and implement it with java. You will learn a lot during the process. Anything you encounter makes you better every day. By the way, most of time you have to google how to do it. Remember write it down in your note or something. Good luck


Revise as much as you can! Use different types of revision, such as flashcards and quizzes. As always, practice is the best way to improve any skill!


Practice✍️ reading📖 coding👨‍💻


I think with any language you can improve skills by practicing even if they function.. play around, learn to refactor. Find a great mentor like carrol!. stay up to date by reading everything relevant and get your hands dirty.


challenges wont sharpen your programming skills. Comment, watch and learn


Wherever you find a piece of code that you want to inspect you should copy this code and put in your code playground. Play with it, add something new, see what happens to the result. Expand on the code and build something better, something more useful. Put in your comments the expected result and work on your code till you have it right. Always ask questions how you can do it better if you are stuck with some code or something new which you don't yet understand. You can find plenty of help at . People on this site are eager to help you out and you can also find there solutions to more complex problems.


I was just like you but if you don't stop practicing you can get better like me, you can see how many times that I lost challenges on my profile.


Practice more about java codes


Goto the site and solve problem