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It's urgent please

I have been trying to put an image but I don't know where to get the source. Can someone please elaborate more for me

8/3/2019 10:15:10 AM

Emmanuel Odebode

2 Answers

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Which source you want to get? To add an image, you can use img tag using src attribute like this <img src = "image_url_link" alt="image_name"> To get the source from the web just do right right click on image and select copy link location, then put at the place of image_url_link.


You must use the src attribute, write in it a relative or absolute path. If you saw a picture on the Internet and want to put it in code, then you must right-click it and copy it into the attribute in quotation marks. If you have a picture, you need to register the address in the attribute relative to the html document.