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Can a web user reach level 17?

Can one reach level 17?

8/2/2019 1:45:47 AM

Green Ghost

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Yes, its possible. It'll just take a long time. You'll have to get tons of correct answers during/after learning everything you can.


Sololearn favors App users and html challengers.


Not impossible. Just not likely.


Yeah. Have fun though. No web user has ever reached level 17 yet (by staying on web whole time).


Level 17 not too many APP users get. Level 17 would be SUPER CHALLENGING. But it would be cool, and you'd be the first web user to get level 17 EVER.


Yep 😊


Non-app users will have a hard time to compete. Realisticly, you'll probably only get to level 16 MOST.


@Ventura For every answer with a green checkmark, web users get 10xp + 1 for every vote.


Yes for sure 😊😊


Level 17 is realistically only achievable by doing challenges, and doing a lot more of them than make sense learning-progress wise. You just need to do a simple calculation: Add the profit of all the badges, and further add what you believe you might get on the side from best answers and such.


'Will I be able to stack up matches to the height of the Eiffel tower without glue?' 'You probably won't, but you can try.'


Download bluestack in your system than you can reach level 17


Its possible. Soar for the highest possible peak. But only rest, do not stop.


2-3 users have reached to level 18. Green Ghost Challengers are on the way to level 19!


You probably won't, but you can try.


Oh ok! Thanks Green Ghost I had no idea!


Everybody who writes 'possible' (with WEB access!!!) gets a task now: Calculate for me, how EXACTLY the person is going to get ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND points! Seriously, guys, programmers should be a bit more reasonable.


@ HonFu [#GoGetThatBugChamp!] You have to get lots of correct answers (green check marks) after getting all the possible xp from all the courses.


Bob Brown we are talking about Web Users. They cannot do challenges and get what you refer as "good answers". Can't blame you, I was confused at first too and thought he was aspiring to become an HTML stormer


AFAIK Best Answer only gives you 5xp + 1 for every up vote. Assuming your best answer gets an average of 5 upvotes, that's 10xp per Best answer in Q and A. If a web user has got around 15000 xp from completing tutorials etc. but not challenges (as they are not available to web/pc users without an emulator), it would require about 8500 best answers to get to level 17. Best answers are not easy to get. Even users who are really active in Q and A may get one a week. That would take a web user about 8500 weeks or approximately 170 years to get to level 17. I don't think that any human has ever lived that long, but with the medical breakthroughs of the 21st century, one day a pure web user may achieve this feat. So I guess it is possible. It's just a pity I won't be around to see this happen.