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Lesson Factory (add links and images)

Tell me, please, how can I add images and links to other lessons in lesson factory(assignment)? I didn't find such feature😕

7/29/2019 4:57:58 PM


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You can put link to image(this is what I have done in some assignment) & when you will be submitting lesson after preview you can add relevant lesson(s)(which will be shown to viewer as next lesson(s)). good luck


Gaurav Agrawal Thank you, sir. But I don't want links to next lesson. I want to make inner link (in my lesson text) to other lesson (maked by another sololearner). For example, how can I make reference in my lesson to your lesson "Arrays"?


Gaurav Agrawal Look here (I need the same as link to the DOM lesson or Angular in the note): https://www.sololearn.com/learn/10615


Gaurav Agrawal Sorry, sir, I explained not correctly and clearly. I know how to add url link. I don't know how to format it😕 In the ready lesson it looks as url, but not as hyperlink. And I couldn't find such feature to format it nicely... It didn't work for me: <a href="url">What I need</a>, and this too: [What I need](url) What must I paste in the lesson? There's no such tool in the bottom bar (only bold, italic, code, note, heading)


We need such features... Links to other lessons and images. It would be great to create lessons in markdown format. Thanks for supporting, Gaurav Agrawal


I got an answer from sololearn support. Unfortunately I can't add images in the lesson. What about links I didn't ask it. Question is open🙂


sir 4rontender sir, you can add link to approved lessons by sololearn, but not of non-approved lessons. Like here is the link to my approved array lesson: https://www.sololearn.com/learn/4078/?ref=app If you want to do something like click "here" & then my lesson opens, then it might not possible in current version, you can email sololearn about it as a suggestion


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