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[SOLVED] Clear challenge problem

How can I clear a permanent expired challenge ??? Every time after I clear and update the page, this challenge remain again and again ..

7/26/2019 7:11:20 PM


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I face the same problem... 😅


Same problem here. For me only the expired challenges during the SoloLearn blackout on the 14th of July are stuck. Challenges that are expiring now can be cleared without any problem....


I think only Sololearn can fix the issue.


Try logging out and logging back in maybe?


Modi Yeh , I have it on 14-15 th July ...


I have had the same problem since 14th july. I logged out and logged back in but that problem didn't solved.


Finally I get my solution


pathetic_millenial try it . I try also to remove the app and reinstall but is the same ...


Sonic yeah , I think so ...


The problem is now solved!! thank you!


The problem is now fixed !


The problem is back, i can't clear mine